Ultimate Legacy: Recap


Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space. The Ultimate

Power Rangers journeyed through these fragments to unravel the secrets that led

to the destruction of the Wheel of Time. Using mysterious Ranger Keys, they hoped

to uncover the truth about their past, and restore their universe.


The Rangers' quest led them to a shattered piece of reality where

an army of Amazons, female descendants of angels, guarded the Gates of

Tartarus. Tyler recognized the leader of the Amazons as an alternate version of

Lauren Shiba, the former Red Samurai Ranger and Red

Hurricane Ranger.


The Armada attacked the Rangers and Amazons, destroying the Gates

of Tartarus.


The battle unleashed Los Dark and his Ghost Ship, which the

Rangers boarded just as the home of the Amazons shattered into nothingness.


Lauren insisted on returning home after the defeat of Los Dark,

even though she and the Rangers saw her world destroyed. When they arrived at

the coordinates, however, they saw Lauren's world restored.



Legacy: Chapter Seventeen


Guaranteed Showy Samurai


The Legacy Galleon flew through the remnants

of space-time. The rangers planned to return Lauren home after their adventure

on board the Ghost Ship. They thought their efforts wasted, having witnessed

Lauren's home shatter into nothingness. But somehow, they found the Amazon's homeworld intact - mostly.


The world looked

broken, held together by waves of energy that ebbed and flowed with

multi-colored light.   


Seth narrowed his

eyes at the sight. "That's weird We've seen plenty of worlds unravel, but never

stitch back up."


"What does it

mean?" Lauren asked, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. "Are my sisters ?"


"We're too far to

tell," Mat said from his sensor console.


"Any idea what

happened?" Tyler asked.


Mat shook his

head. "No, that would be too convenient. But I am picking up traces of our friends, the Armada. It doesn't look

like they left after our last fight."


"Why?" Kira asked.


Seth narrowed his

eyes. "Syd "


"You think Argus

waited for you?" Kym asked.


 "Maybe " Seth said. "I'm going to find out."


Without another

word, he turned and started walking from the ship.


"Seth, wait!" Kym

called for him.


"Let him go,"

Tyler said. "He has business to take care of. Let him do it."




Argus stared

through the viewport of the Armada flagship. He reached out with his senses and

tried to find something of importance: His sword, Barizarg, forged from flares of

destruction that followed a rip in time and space.


The cyborg felt a

connection to the weapon - its blade matched the metal of his body armor, the

remnants of a reality where man and machine melded seamlessly.


The Armada

flagship had used its spatial-temporal tractor beams to stich the remnants of

the Amazon's world back together - a technique similar to the one used to

create the Armada Hub.


Afterword, Argus

sensed his sword on the torn patchwork of a planet.


He started to walk

from the bridge when Levira called for him.


"Argus Where are

you going ?"


"I do not answer

to you," he said without turning. "I answer only to His Highness."


The villain walked

off the bridge, and the door closed behind him.




Lauren crouched on

the dirt ground of her island, barely recognizable. She narrowed her eyes and looked

across the landscape, partially scorched, partially twisted, with patches of

urban cities jutting from the ground at random.


"This place is

barely recognizable," she whispered, her voice grim.


"It's probably not

even the same island," Mat said. "Not the one you remember, at least."


"Then why did you

bring me back here?" she asked.


Mat shrugged. "You

asked us to?"


She glared at Mat

and stalked towards him.


Tyler stood in

front of him, a small protective posture. "Mat, be less of an idiot."


"No promises "


Kym laid a gentle

hand on Lauren's arm. "With the Shattering nothing makes sense. This is your

home, but it isn't."


Kira nodded. "This

place is a patchwork of different times and realities."


"What of my sisters?

I can sense them, somewhere. Somewhere close," Lauren said.


"Let's see what we

can find," Tyler said. "We've never seen a shattered planet come back before.

Maybe your sisters did too."


Tyler walked

deeper into the Patchwork World, and the others followed.




Miles away - if

there was such a thing after the destruction of time and space - a sword rested

in the ground, its blade plunged into the dirt.


Argus recognized

the blade as his own.


The villain walked

onto the battle scene to retrieve his sword. And there, he faced Seth.


"I've been

waiting. Syd," Seth said as he walked towards Argus, stopping close enough to

touch. "Prince Vekar said it, didn't he? You're Syd.

So open your eyes. Remember me!"


Syd punched Seth's

gut, sending him staggering backward.


The villain pulled

his sword from the ground, turned, and started to walk away.


Seth crouched as

he caught his breath. "Syd I'm going to make you remember who you are."


The teen

unsheathed his Power Saber. He copied Syd's technique, stepping into a fighting

stance and moving his sword through an arc that ebbed with energy.


Argus tilted his

head. "So you're copying me?"


"I need you to

remember," Seth said.


The ranger swung through

an x-shaped pattern that fired an x-shaped energy blast. The blast spun towards

Argus like a propeller. But he blocked and swatted the energy blast aside with

bursts of sparks.


"I am Argus." The

villain shifted into a casual fighting stance. "I have the perfect cybernetic

body. And I am Prince Vekar's loyal follower. I do

not know this Syd."


Argus turned and

started walking away.


Seth tightened his

grip on his blade. "You're lying!" He ran towards Argus and grabbed him by the

shoulder. "Syd, wake up!"


Argus snapped

around with a slash. Seth barely blocked; their blades sparked. The villain

twisted the ranger's weapon downward.


"Please remember!"

Seth shouted.


Argus knocked

Seth's sword from his hand and pommeled the teen's gut, knocking him to the



Argus lifted Seth

and hurled him through the air. The ranger crashed and tumbled, and his morpher

fell from his pocket, scattering across the ground.


Argus turned, and

again, started to walk away.


Seth narrowed his

eyes as he watched him leave. "Syd you're gone, aren't you? You're gone "




Prince Vekar stumbled through the bridge and grasped his arm, no

longer bleeding - not that he cared. He still felt flickers of pain, and those

flickers may as well have been mortal wounds as far as he was concerned.  


"Those cursed

rogues! They injured me! Hurt me!" he shouted.


Levira consoled him as

she helped him to his command chair. "It will be all right, my Prince."


"My wound is

throbbing. Throbbing!" Vekar shouted.


"Should we cancel the

operation for now, Your Highness?" Damaras asked.


"How dare they

harm my body ?!" Vekar

grumbled. "That's unforgiveable! Defeat those damned renegades!"


Deratsu Gair nodded. "It will be done."




Tyler, Lauren,

Mat, Kira and Kym moved through jungles that shifted from lush and green one

minute, to dead and withered the next.


Kira sighed with

impatience. "Should we split up? It might be faster."


Lauren shook her

head. "You've already lost one of your comrades."


"He's not lost,"

Tyler said matter-of-factly. "He'll be back."


"How can you be so

sure? How can you even know he'll survive?"


Tyler smirked.

"Because it's him and me. I knew it from the moment we met "




Shortly after Seth

and Syd's defection


Tyler crouched on a cliff and looked down into the

valley of a Flux World. Ruined buildings and piles of rubble dotted the



"It looks like the Armada destroyed this planet too "

he said quietly.


Tyler heard voices shout from the other side of the valley.

He looked to see a squad of X-Borgs swarm around a teen in black. The teen -

who Tyler would later know as Seth - duel-wielded swords, hacking and slashing

through grunts as he tried to run for cover.


Curious, Tyler smirked at the sight. "He's not bad "


Zergs advanced on Seth. They opened fire with

fist-cannons, firing bolts of blue energy. The blasts exploded around Seth with

bursts of flame, whipping him off his feet.


On the ground, defenseless, Seth reached for his

fallen swords as the X-Borgs closed in.


Suddenly, bullets tore through grunts with bursts of



Seth looked up to see Tyler move through the grunts

with his Power Saber in one hand and blaster in the other.


The ranger opened fire, blasting grunts with bursts of

spark. Several X-Borgs moved in close; Tyler slashed and kicked them aside. He

spun past an X-Borg and pommeled it to the ground.


The ranger flashed a side-smile at Seth. "A fight

between Armada members? That's an interesting sight to see." Tyler kicked

Seth's sword into the teen's hand. "I think I'll help out."


Seth climbed to his feet. "You're that renegade " he

said, out of breath. "You won't get any credits out of saving me, you know."


"I don't want anything like that." Tyler swung his

sword casually over his shoulder. "What I want is you."


"That's a weird thing to say-"


The X-Borgs renewed their charge. Tyler blasted

several off their feet; he turned with a wide swing, slashing three X-Borgs to

the ground.


Seth twirled his blades, hacking and slashing through

a group of X-Borgs before they could move in too close. The teen somersaulted,

rolled to his feet, and stood back-to-back with Tyler.


The X-Borgs circled around them. Tyler looked over his

shoulder at Seth and smirked; Seth did the same.


They attacked, swords flashing and slashing through

armor. The teens hacked and kicked, bashing the grunts to the ground and

whipping them off their feet.


The teens fought without hesitation, until the last

X-Borg fell.


Tyler dropped his guard and looked to Seth. "I like

the way you handle a sword. And that look in your eyes when you do it."


"You'll probably change your mind when you look at

this." Seth touched the collar around his neck. "It's a tracker. They can

follow me wherever I go. And if I try to take it off? It emits an electric



Tyler grabbed the collar. "A shock trap, huh?"


Seth narrowed his eyes. "What are you doing?"


"Better hold on." Tyler pulled the collar, which

sparked strands of electricity.


The discharge flowed through Tyler, and Seth, not

enough to kill them both. The collar snapped, and the teens collapsed.


"You're welcome," Tyler said between breaths. "I'm

Tyler, by the way. The rogue. Renegade. Pirate. Whatever you want to call me.

Truth is, I'm on a mission to find the Ultimate Secret. And I want you to come

with me and help me find the truth about the Shattering."


"Find the truth about this messed-up place?" Seth

asked. "Sounds fun."




"Seth was my first

recruit," Tyler said as he finished the story. "My right hand."


Kym smiled. She

and the others had never heard the story. "So that's what happened "


"That's how I know

he'll be back," Tyler said.


Suddenly, the

ground shuddered. The rangers heard rustling in the foliage, and the mechanical

grinding of Armada grunts in the distance.


"Rangers!" A voice

echoed. The teens recognized the voice as Deratsu Gair. "We know you've returned! Come face me!"


"Sounds like our

friend's back," Kira said.


"Let's go say hi,"

Tyler said as he started to move off.


Lauren held back.

"The four of you, go," she said. "I'll stay here. I need to speak with the Blue

Ranger if he returns."


"He will," Tyler

said. "You can bet on it."


The rangers ran

off and armed their morphers. "Ultimate Transform!"




Seth rolled onto

his back. He felt too weak to get up, but not because of his injuries. He felt

this way because of Syd's betrayal and loss.


"Are you really

gone ?" Seth whispered.


The teen tilted

his head and noticed his morpher just within reach. Seth's mind flashed back


Tyler and Seth lied on their backs after defeating the

X-Borgs. After Seth accepted Tyler's offer, Tyler reached into his jacket and

pulled out a morpher.


"Here." Tyler handed the morpher to Seth. "You'll need



"What is it?" Seth asked.


"A morpher," Tyler said. "We're Power Rangers whatever

the hell that means."


"Power Rangers?" Seth asked.


"It's a long story," Tyler said. "One I barely

know…We'll find more together. But for right now, it's just you and me."


Seth felt an undeniable bond with Tyler, one he

couldn't describe, especially since he just met the stranger.


The teen grasped onto his new morpher, and it seemed

right, like it belonged - like he belonged with Tyler.


Seth reached out,

grabbed his morpher, and pushed himself to his feet. "You and me "


He may have lost

Syd, but he had a new partner. A new team. And he wouldn't let them down.


Seth moved towards

the battle.




X-Borgs swarmed

around the Yellow Ranger and landed a few blows.


She parried,

hopped, and chopped an X-Borg to the ground. "Not bad for a bunch of



She spun and

slashed a trio of grunts off their feet. "But I'm better."


The Green Ranger

fought nearby. He didn't move with the grace and effectiveness of his teammates.

But his hacks and slashes did just as well to cut the X-Borgs down.


Meanwhile, the Red

Ranger fought with his blaster in one hand and sword in the other. He slashed

and blasted his way through a group of X-Borgs.


The Red Ranger flipped

open his buckler and pulled out his Red Dragon Ranger Key.


"Chakra ignite!"

He slid the Key into his morpher, which called out: "HEEEEEEAVEN STAR TASK



Tyler morphed into

the Dragon Ranger.


Image result for ryuranger


"Dragon Ranger!"

he shouted. "Heaven Fire Star! Red!"


X-Borgs swarmed

around him; he fought back with the kicks and punches of a honed martial

artist, of the Dragon Fist style. He blocked and dodged, letting the enemy move



Then he struck

back with flurries of punches, back-fist strikes and kicks.


The Red Ranger

snapped a jumping spin kick that bashed the last X-Borg off its feet.


Another wave of

X-Borgs rushed towards the Red Ranger.


He shifted into a

defensive stance and armed his Red Titan Ranger Key.


"Overdrive! Start

up!" He slid the Key into his morpher, which called out: "TIIIIIIIITAN



He morphed into

Titan Red with a flash of light.


Image result for boukenred


"Drive Lance!" The

Red Overdrive Ranger armed his bladed staff.


He spun the weapon,

bashing and slashing X-Borgs before they moved in too close. The Red Ranger

stabbed an X-Borg in the gut and flipped it overhead.


Another trio moved

in from behind him. But the Red Ranger spun with a wide swing, slashing the

grunts to the ground with bursts of spark.


The Red Ranger

looked at the next attack wave, led by Zergs. He pulled out his Hurricane Red



"Ninjetti Change!

Ha!" He slid the Key into his morpher: "HUUUUURICANE TASK FORCE!"


He morphed into

Hurricane Red.


Image result for hurricane red


"Hawk Blaster!" He

armed his weapon and rolled into a crouched position. 


Staying low, he

opened fire, triggering lances of fiery wind energy that tore through X-Borgs

and Zergs with bursts of spark.


Hurricane Red

stood and unsheathed his sword. "Storm Saber!"


X-Borgs charged at

him from ahead. He leapt back while slashing them to the ground. The Red

Hurricane Ranger landed and spun, twirling his blade through streaks of wind

energy that slashed X-Borgs and Zergs off their feet.


Nearby, the Yellow

Ranger chopped two X-Borgs to the ground.


She leapt backward

to gain distance from the rest of the grunts, and then flipped open her

buckler. She pulled out her Yellow Masked Ranger Key.


"Aura Mask!" She

slid the Key into her morpher, which called out: "MAAAAASKED RANGERS!"


She morphed into

the Yellow Masked Ranger.





Related image


X-Borgs swarmed

around her.


The Yellow Ranger

fought back with high-kicks and punches. She swung her arms wide to block the X-Borgs'

strikes, and countered with palm-heel blows and spin-kicks that knocked them

off her feet.


Yellow Mask leapt

aside and pulled out her Astro Yellow Key.


"Install! Astro

Rangers!" She slid the Key into her morpher: "AAAAAAASTRO RANGERS!"


She morphed into

Astro Yellow.


Image result for megayellow


"Astro Sling!" She

armed her weapon and triggered bursts of yellow energy, blasting the X-Borgs

with bursts of spark that whipped them off their feet.


She back-kicked an

X-Borg behind her, blasted another trio of grunts, and round-kicked an X-Borg's



Three X-Borgs

swung their staffs at the Yellow Ranger. She dove and rolled for cover, rolled

into a crouched stance, and blasted the X-Borgs to the ground.


Astro Yellow stood

and pulled out her Dino Yellow Key.


"Dino Thunder!

Power up!" She slid the Key into her morpher. "DIIIIIIIINO THUNDER!"


She morphed into

the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger.


Image result for abare yellow


"Ptera Daggers!"


She armed her

daggers, leapt through the air, and swung outward, slashing a group of X-Borgs with

bursts of spark that whipped them backward. She landed and swung her weapons

through streaks of yellow light, slashing X-Borgs left and right.


Nearby, the Green

Ranger flipped open his buckler and pulled out his Green RPM Ranger Key.


"RPM! Get in Gear!"

He slid his Key into his morpher: "RRRRRRRRRPM!"


Mat morphed into

the Green RPM Ranger.


Image result for go-on green


"RPM, Ranger



The Green Ranger

pressed his buckler; his chest symbol glowed and summoned his weapon: The Turbo



Ranger Green

grabbed the axe and chopped an X-Borg with massive bursts of spark that ripped

it in half.


The Green Ranger

stepped back and pulled out his Green Zeo Ranger Key.


"Ultra Transform!"

He slid the Key into his morpher: "ZEEEEEEO RANGERS!"


He morphed into

his Zeo Ranger form.


"Zeo Green!"


The Green Ranger

lunged with a flurry of punches that bashed the X-Borgs' armor.


Image result for ohgreen


He hook-punched a

soldier to the ground, jabbed and cross-punched, and stepped forward with twin upper-cuts,

knocking two X-Borgs upside the head, whipping them off their feet.


The Green Ranger

armed his Green Rhino Key.


"Bio Burst!" He

slid the Key into his morpher: "BIIIIIIIO BEAST RANGERS!"


"Green Rhino!"


Related image


Green Rhino leapt

through the air, scissor-kicked two X-Borgs, and kneed a grunt upside the head

before landing.


An X-Borg swung

its club towards the Green Ranger's head. But the Green Ranger side-stepped,

grabbed its arm, and hurled it off its feet.


Nearby, the Pink

Ranger stepped back, flipped open her buckler, and armed her Dino Charge Pink



"Unleash the

Power!" She slid the Key into her morpher: "DIIIIIIINO CHARGE!"


She shifted into

Dino Charge Pink.


Image result for kyoryu pink


"Tricera Drill!"

The Pink Ranger armed her drill fist-weapon.


The drill spun;

she lunged and plunged the weapon through an X-Borg. The grunt's chest burst

into flames as it collapsed to its knees.


The Pink Ranger

pulled her drill free, spin-kicked an X-Borg, and speared through its



Stepping back, she

armed her Pink Prism Ranger Key.


"Prism Flash!" She

slid the Key into her morpher. "PRIIIIISM RANGERS!"


She morphed and

snapped into a fighting stance.


"Prism Pink!"


Related image


The Pink Ranger

moved in low and kicked the legs out from beneath a grunt.


She spun with a

hook-kick, bashing an X-Borg backward, and then leapt backward, angling upward

into the air.


"Prism Kick!"


Her helmet prism

glowed; boots of pink energy formed around her ankles and feet.


The Pink Ranger

shot downward and kicked a trio of grunts, bashing them through the air with a

flash of pink light.


She landed and

armed her Time Ranger Key.


"Chrono! Trigger!"

She slid the Key into her morpher. "TIIIIIIIME RANGERS!"


She morphed into

Time Pink and armed her swords.


"Vector Sabers!"


Related image


She jumped upward;

the swords glowed with pink energy that washed across the blade.


"Time Strike!"


She swung one

blade down from a 12-o-clock-position, and the other blade upward from a 6-o-clock

position, blades streaking through pink energy that ripped through X-Borgs with

massive bursts of spark.


Nearby, Deratsu Gair stood alongside his

squad of X-Borgs and Zergs.


"Give up, you

renegades," the monster taunted. "Your tricks can't save you."


"Air Style! Air

Gallop Jutsu!" Still in Hurricane Red form, the Red

Ranger unsheathed his saber and dashed across the air. He slashed X-Borgs left

and right, feet never touching the ground.


Hurricane Red

landed with a powerful chop that forced the Action Commander backward.  


The Red Ranger

leapt backward to gain distance, and landed alongside his comrades: Time Pink,

Green Rhino, and Dino Yellow.


"Cowards!" Deratsu Gair swung through a

streak of blue energy that shot towards the Rangers.


The energy blade

exploded against them with massive bursts of flame and spark, hurling them

backward, and knocking them out of their armor.


Slowly, Tyler and

the teens climbed to their feet, as smoke sizzled across the ground around



Tyler flashed a

smug grin, despite the pain that shot through his body. "Was that supposed to





Seth hurried

through the jungle, which twisted with distortion energy. A spacial

wave knocked him off his feet, and when he rolled into a crouched stance, he looked

up to see a familiar face: Lauren.


She extended her

hand and helped him up.


"Thanks " Seth

said, slightly embarrassed.


"You came back to

help your friends "


Was that a

question? Seth nodded. "They're my comrades. I don't give up on my comrades "


"Then you'll need

this," Lauren said as she pulled a white Symbol Disc from her belt.


She handed the

disc to Seth. As soon as it touched his fingers, the disc ignited with the

power of wind and light, and formed a weapon.


The weapon looked

like a thick samurai sword. A line split down the flat of the blade; one side

glowed with dim, pale blue light. Engravings marked the other side of the

sword, each representing a former Ranger team. Its hilt rotated like a throwing

star of wind, which ebbed with blue light.


Seth used both

hands to grasp the sword's silver handle, with a blue pommel that reflected

light like a gem.


Lauren nodded with

approval. "This sword, Lightwisp, is yours."


"Lightwisp?" Seth asked.


"It holds the

power of Light, and the power of Wind," Lauren said. "Its strength will grow

with each Grand Power you and your teammates unleash.


"Each of you has a

Legendary Weapon of your own. You'll find them all in time, and use them to

fight the battles your predecessors could not win," Lauren said. "My job was to

give you yours "


"So now what?"

Seth asked, his eyes still on the blade.


"Now I rejoin my

comrades, and you rejoin yours "


Seth looked up -

but Lauren was gone.


He knitted his

brow. "Lauren "


Gone. Like she

never existed.


All too typical in

the shattered, unraveling remnants of space and time.




Deratsu Gair, Zergs, and X-Borgs bashed the teens.


Grunts swung their

staffs, clubbing the rangers in their guts and upside their heads.


The teens twirled

their Power Sabers and tried to defend themselves, but the enemy overwhelmed



Deratsu Gair lunged at Tyler from behind, grabbed his neck, and

hurled him through the air.


Tyler crashed and

tumbled across the ground, landing near his teammates.


The attack gave Deratsu Gair time to regroup with

his soldiers. Slowly, the Action Commander stalked towards the fallen teens.


"It looks like

this is it " he said as he raised his sword.


Suddenly, an

energy blade of blue light and wind twirled through the air and slashed through

the villains with massive bursts of spark, knocking them backward.


Tyler and his

teammates climbed to their feet, and they looked to see Seth walk onto the

scene. The teen carried his new blade, Lightwisp.


"Sorry I'm late," he

said as he walked up his friends.


"No problem " Kira

said. "We were just getting warmed up."


"Took you long

enough," Tyler said with a smirk.


They armed their




Transform! Ha!" They inserted their Keys into their morphers. "POOOOOOOWER



Energy flashed

around them as they morphed into his armor.


Deratsu Gair cursed beneath his breath. "You stubborn bastards " He

lifted his sword. "Kill them!"


The Zergs and

X-Borgs charged to attack.


The Red Ranger

twirled his sword. "Let's make this showy."


The Rangers split

up and attacked.


The Red Ranger and

Blue Ranger stood back-to-back, swords twirling and slashing, hacking through

grunts with bursts of spark.


They moved in

unison, like a coordinated attack rehearsed dozens of times. The Blue Ranger

moved low, and the Red Ranger moved high; the Blue Ranger kicked the legs out

from a grunt, and the Red Ranger hook-kicked the soldier to the ground.


Deratsu Gair seethed with rage as he watched. "You stubborn

bastards! Why won't you die?!"


"Not today," the

Red Ranger said.


The Rangers

regrouped, flipped open their bucklers, and pulled out their Samurai Ranger



"Samurai Scribe!

Ha!" They inserted their Keys into their morphers, which called out:



Kym shifted into

Samurai Pink, Mat shifted into Samurai Green, Tyler shifted into Samurai Red,

Seth morphed into Samurai Blue and Kira shifted into Samurai Yellow.




The Rangers armed

their Spin Swords and charged at Deratsu Gair to attack.


Samurai Blue slid

his Water Disc onto his Spin Sword's hilt. He held Lightwisp

in one hand and his Spin Sword in the other. "Attack with me "


Samurai Blue spun

his Symbol Disc. Tendrils of hydro wrapped around the blade of his sword.


The other four

Rangers armed and spun their Symbol Discs. Their elemental energy circled

around their weapons.


One-by-one, they

dashed past the Action Commander and slashed their swords. Their blades

streaked with power and ripped through the monster with bursts of spark. Each

strike ebbed with the individual Ranger's color and elemental energy.


The Rangers skid

to a halt behind the Action Commander. The monster collapsed as secondary

explosions tore through its body and skin. A final explosion burst from the

core of the monster and scattered the creature into pieces.


Suddenly, twin

beams of energy pierced the skies and splashed across the monster's remains.

The beams reassembled and enlarged the Action Commander, who grew giant.


"No surprise." The

Red Ranger flipped open his morpher and pressed a series of command codes:



The Legacy Galleon

flew through the skies and lowered grappling lines. The Rangers grabbed the

lines, which reeled them into the ship.


They gathered in

their cockpit. "Ultimate fusion!"



FUSION!" The ship split into five different zords, which twirled through the

air and combined into a massive robo.



Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.


The Action Commander

slashed wildly, firing blades of energy that tore through the air.


The Ultimate

Megazord flipped backward to dodge and block the blades of power. Landing, the robo skid backward.


The Green Ranger

shook his head. "We can't even get close."


"We need to be

faster," the Red Ranger said as he armed his Gao Red Key.


The other Rangers

armed their own Gao Ranger Keys.


Together, they

inserted their Keys into their wheels and called out: "Ranger Keys, set!"




The zord appeared

with a flash of light, pounced through the air, and clawed Deratsu

Gair. The blow sparked on impact and knocked the

villain several steps backward.


Gao Lion growled

and pounced. But this time, the Action Commander swatted the lion from the air.


Within their

cockpits, the Rangers noticed their Samurai Keys start to glow.


The Red Ranger

pulled out his Samurai Red Key. "The Samurai Grand Power," he said. "Let's use



The Rangers

inserted their Keys into their control wheels. "Ranger Keys, set!"


Gao Lion flashed

with the symbols of the Samurai Rangers, floated backward, and combined with

the Megazord to form a Samurai-style suit of armor.


"Ultimate Samurai

Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.




The Action Commander

swung wide, hurling a blade of blue energy.


The Megazord

twirled its bladed staff, slashing the blast into pieces.


"Ultimate Samurai

Megazord!" the Rangers shouted. "Ultimate Samurai Strike!"


The Megazord

formed a massive zanbato of fiery red energy. The robo lifted the lazing sword, and chopped downward, hacking

the Action Commander in half with massive bursts of spark and flame.


The Megazord

pulled its saber free and swung wide, through a streak of fiery power that tore

the monster apart at the midsection.


The Action

Commander collapsed and exploded into ash.




Argus ignored the

rambling of his master. He stared out the viewport of the command ship and

watched the Patchwork World shrink in the distance, as the Armada moved away.


"Seth " the cyborg

whispered as he tightened his grip on his sword.




The rangers joined

in the crew deck following the fight. Their ship flew from Lauren's homeworld, which unraveled yet again.


Kym stared through

the viewport. "What do you think happened to her?"


"What happens to

any of them?" Seth asked.


"We need to move

on." Tyler walked past them and took his seat, near Navi's

perch. "We have to find the next Grand Power. It feels like we've been here for

months "


"Uh, technically,"

Mat said, "months don't exist anymore."


Tyler ignored him.

"Bird, we need a vision."


"I'm not a bird," the droid protested. "I'm Navi!"


Navi fluttered its

wings and flew upward. "Tresa Navigay-to!"


The droid smacked

its head against the ceiling, knocking itself into a dizzy. Navi

floated back towards his perch.


"From angels to angels the wings of angels

will draw your first act to a close."


Mat sighed at the

vagueness. "I hate you."


"What does that

mean?" Kira asked.


"We'll find out,"

Tyler said as he leaned back. "We always do "




Five teens stood

in a sliver of time and space. They hid behind the corner of a massive city

building, and looked up into a sky torn apart by special and temporal

disruptions, whirlpools of chaos.


"What just happened?"

asked one of the tees, Jake.


The leader, Troy,

shook his head. "I don't know But our powers they're gone."



be continued…Chapter 18


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