Ultimate Legacy: Recap


Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space. The Ultimate

Power Rangers journeyed through the fragments to unravel the secrets that led

to the destruction of the Wheel of Time. Using mysterious Ranger Keys, they

hoped to uncover the truth about their past, and restore their universe.


The Rangers' quest led them to a shattered piece of reality where

an army of Amazons, female descendants of angels, guarded the Gates of

Tartarus. Tyler recognized the leader of the Amazons as an alternate version of

Lauren Shiba, the former Red Samurai Ranger and Red

Hurricane Ranger.


The Armada attacked the Rangers and Amazons, destroying the Gates

to Tartarus.


Before the Shattering: Queen Beryl, a Forsaken, armed her Dark

Kingdom for battle. The Dark Kingdom established the Shadow Line to spread its

darkness across the world, creating Shadow Terminals, also called Shadow Towns.


The darkness corrupted the town where Tommy Oliver's fiancé

Ashley, and his son Tyler, hid. Tyler went missing, and Ashley fell into

unconsciousness. Hunter and Lauren, the Crimson Thunder Ranger and Red

Hurricane Ranger, went to the Shadow Town to free Ashley. However, the town's

energy prevented them from morphing.


Within the town, the two rangers encountered help from a Sailor

Guardian, a Heavenly Saint in human form, called Sailor Venus. Together they

battled Archfiends, corrupted Heavenly Saints loyal to Beryl, and the leaders

of her Youma army.








Hunter- Crimson


Blake- Navy


Justin Stewart-

Hurricane Yellow

Simon Kaden-

Hurricane Red (former)

Rachel Gray-

Hurricane Blue

Kou- Hurricane









Teddy Oliver-

Samurai Red

Bradin McAllister-

Samurai Green

Ryan Phillips-

Samurai Blue

Kirsten Watson-

Samurai Yellow

Anna Tears-

Samurai Pink

Anthony- Samurai








Seth Park- Blue Ranger

Kira Hart- Yellow Ranger

Tyler Oliver- Red Ranger

Mat DeSantos– Green Ranger

Kym Cranston- Pink Ranger





Ultimate Legacy: Chapter Sixteen

Escape the Shadow


Tyler and his

teammates unlocked the Time Shard, unleashing waves of images. The visions

looked back at a time before the Shattering, the time of the apocalypse, when

evil seemed poised to win its ultimate victory.




(Ultimate Power

Rangers New Generation: Year Six)


A Shadow Terminal enveloped the small town where Tommy

hid his long-time fiancé Ashley and son Tyler. Lauren and Hunter went to

investigate, but lost themselves to the darkness of the Shadow Town, a hub in

the Dark Kingdom's Shadow Line.


They rescued Ashley after battling one of the Dark

Kingdom's Archfiends, Nicchae. But the former ranger

remained in a comma with something dark and mysterious growing inside her.


While in the Shadow Town, Hunter and Lauren

encountered Sailor Venus, one of the Sailor Guardians from the Moon Kingdom

before time and space. Like all Guardians, Venus was a Heavenly Saint in human



Through the blackened mist of the Shadow Town, Hunter,

Lauren, and Venus crouched in a dark alley. At random, across the whole block,

buildings turned to dust and blew into the silent wind.


Venus closed her eyes and held her hand on Ashley’s

forehead. "I still can't tell what’s wrong with her. It's almost like she's

been infected by this place. By the darkness."


"Then we have to get her out of here," Hunter said.


"We're still trapped," Lauren said. "We can't morph,

and we can't reach the others."


"Maybe we can…" Hunter narrowed his eyes

thoughtfully as he looked at the shadows around them.


"What are you thinking?" Lauren asked.


"My shadow power didn't work against Dagra because of this darkness. They're too similar,"

Hunter said. "What if they're similar enough that one can amplify the other?

Maybe I can use this darkness to send a flare."


"That sounds like a shot in the dark," Lauren said.

"Pun intended."


"No," Venus said. "He might be right. The darkness

might amplify your shadow burst. The question is, would anyone be looking for



"Let's hope so," Hunter said.


The ranger looked upward and formed a crimson-tinted

sphere of shadow between his palms. He poured on the power, intensifying the

bolt of energy, which crackled and ebbed.


"Shadow Bolt!" He hurled the blast of power towards

the skies.


It streaked like a comet and punctured through the mist

of darkness. But nothing happened.


Lauren shook her head. "It didn't work."


"No " Hunter kept his eyes on the skies. "It didn't."


"Maybe your shadow power is too different from the

darkness," Lauren said. "Or too similar? We're not even sure how this darkness

works, or what it is, really."


Venus explained. "If the One Power is a river of

energies, with different currents, your Shadow Power is like a current of dark

water. But the Darkness is like oil that flows through the currents. Both are

black. Shadow. But one is magick: Your power. And the other is a pollutant: The



"That still doesn't make sense," Lauren said.


"It doesn't matter," Hunter said. "The darkness is

bad. Our powers aren't. They just both come from the same place, and one can

corrupt the other."


"So what now?" Lauren asked.


Before anyone answered, Ashley's body convulsed, and

darkness ebbed from her skin like black smog.


"Something's wrong," Hunter said as they leaned around

her. "Hold her steady."


Lauren took Ashley by the head to keep her from

injuring herself. She reached out with her Ki and tried to weave spells of

healing, but nothing worked.


Without warning, Ashley's eyes snapped open, and she





The Time Shard's images shifted to the rebuilt Command

Chamber, in the mountains east of Angel Grove. Tommy collapsed to his knees and

groaned with pain.


"Ashley " he whispered through clenched teeth.



Alpha-5 walked towards him. "Tommy! What's happening?"


"It's Ashley," he said as he rubbed his forehead.

"She's in trouble. I can sense it through The Power. Alpha, pull up an image of

the safe-house."


"Right away, Tommy!"


Tommy climbed to his feet and walked towards the

Viewing Globe, mounted in the front of the chamber where Zordon once kept a

watchful eye over his team. Several times larger than its predecessor, the new

Viewing Globe displayed an image of a small town in Alaska. Darkness covered

the town completely.


Tommy narrowed his eyes. "How did we not notice this

until now?" Worry gripped his throat like a vice. "Something must have happened

to Hunter and Lauren, or they would have reported back. Alpha, patch me through

to Teddy. We need to break through that Shadow Town."




The Time Shard's images shifted to the outskirts of

the Shadow Town. Teddy and his boyfriend Ryan arrived, and met up with Anthony

and Anna, and Bradin and Kirsten.


"Hey guys," Anthony said. "You notice we only get

together when there's trouble?"


"It's hard to socialize when you're being hunted by

INET while the whole world's ending," Bradin said.


Teddy explained their mission: Infiltrate the Shadow

Town, meet-up with Hunter and Lauren, and free Ashley and Tyler.


Kirsten looked towards the darkness. "How are we

supposed to morph in that stuff?"


Teddy flipped his morpher to brush mode. "After we

morph, I can use a seal to protect us before we go into the Shadow Town. That

should let us sustain our power."


"Should?" Bradin asked.


"Will," Teddy said. " hopefully."


Anthony armed his morpher. "Let's find out."


The rangers snapped open their morphers. "Samurai

scribe! Ha!"


Energy flashed around them as they morphed into their

Ranger forms.


Samurai Red used his morpher to write the kanji for

"shield", which glowed in midair. He swiped his morpher through the kanji,

which burst into light and splashed across the Rangers.


"There," the Red Ranger said. "That should hold.

Now let's take care of business."




Ashley passed back into a coma, giving Hunter, Lauren,

and Venus a chance to move deeper into the Shadow Town. They sought Dagra, an Archfiend they battled after first getting



Dagra seemed anchored to the town, so they hoped to escape

by defeating him.


Hunter looked across the deserted, misty gray streets.

"He was somewhere around here "


Venus nodded. "I can still sense him "


The smoke parted, and an old man

floated through the air. He looked pale and wrinkled, with solid white eyes,

black robes, and a long white beard that flowed down his chest.


His name: Dagra,

servant of Queen Beryl, Infernal High Priest of the Archfiends, and ruler of

the Youma.


"So " the villain said in a mocking

tone. "You've come back "


"That's right," Hunter said with his

usual calm. "Only this time we're not leaving until you're destroyed."


The villain laughed. "Your powers

of shadow are useless against me. I am

shadow. I am the darkness! You, boy,

are nothing."


Venus spread her hands, summoning a

chain of orange energy. "Can't say the same about me. My light burns. You've

felt that yourself. Haven't you?"


Dagra grumbled. "You were lucky, little girl. I was not

prepared to face the power of a Saint here. But now I am ready."


"Ready for us?!" a voice shouted

from behind.




Before he could turn, blades

blurred with energy and slashed the Archfiend, hurling him through the air.


Samurai Red landed on the rooftop

along with his five teammates: Samurai Gold, Samurai Blue, Samurai Green,

Samurai Yellow, and Samurai Pink.



not," the Red Samurai Ranger said as he shifted into an offensive stance.


Sailor Venus lunged forward. "Venus



She snapped her chain, which

wrapped around Dagra and pinned his arms to his side.


The villain's eyes glowed red, and

his body burst with dark energy that snapped the chain free.


Dagra shifted shape, twisted into a monstrosity, and burst

from his robes. In his Youma form, four tentacles spread from his back like

wings, and he carried two blades of bone. His beard turned red and flowed down

his body. A skull mask with two horns covered the right side of his face, with

an eyepiece that glowed red. Demonic black robes wrapped around his lower body,

a black chest piece snapped over his pale chest, and dark fabric wrapped around

his forearms. 




"You attack me from behind?!" the Archfiend shouted.


Samurai Red pointed his sword. "Your people attacked

an innocent woman and her son. A kid. All rules are off."


The Red Ranger spun his sword's Symbol Disc. Tendrils of

flame wrapped around the blade of his sword. The other five Rangers spun their

Discs, and elemental energy circled their weapons.


The Samurai Rangers pounced to attack.


One-by-one, they dashed past the monster and slashed

their swords. Their blades streaked with power and ripped through the Archfiend

with bursts of spark. Each strike ebbed with the individual Ranger's color and

elemental energy.


The attack hurled the monster backward, but he stayed

in midair. He growled with annoyance and slashed outward, firing a massive

shockwave of darkness. The shockwave blasted the Rangers with bursts of spark

that whipped them backward.


"I am more powerful than any warlord or monster you

have ever faced!" Dagra shouted. "My power is born



"We've heard all this before." Lauren dashed through

the air and thrust her palms. "Wind Scythe!"


She fired a wave of wind energy that Dagra swatted aside.


"Air?!" Dagra mocked. "You

would attack me with air? With wind? Ha! You Rangers are nothing. It is no

wonder your planet has fallen into chaos again and again."


Samurai Red used his sword for balance and climbed to

his feet. "Lauren use this!"


The Red Ranger flipped his morpher to brush mode and

drew a glowing kanji of power. He swiped his morpher through the kanji, and it

shot towards Lauren.


The symbol splashed across her morpher, which glowed

with light.


The ranger grinned. "That's better " She shifted into

her transformation pose. "Senpu Ninjetti change! Ha!"


Energy circled around her like wind as she morphed

into Hurricane Red.


She rolled her hands into fists as air energy wisped

around her. "That's better."


"Lauren, attack with me," Samurai Red said as he swung

his sword into a fighting stance. "Your air power can intensify my flame."


The Red Ranger spun his Symbol Disc and swung wide,

firing a blade of flame. Hurricane Red swung her blade, firing a burst of wind.

The wind intensified Samurai Red's power, and the blaze smashed Dagra with bursts of spark.


The Archfiend crashed and skid across the street,

pavement dissolving into mist in his wake.


Samurai Red leapt into the air. "Super Samurai Mode!"


The Red Samurai Ranger activated his Samurai Seal,

morphed into Super Samurai mode, and attached the black box to his sword's



He swiped his hand across the Samurai Seal. "Battleizer!"


Red energy surged around his body as he transformed

into Battleizer Mode.




Samurai Red charged to attack, as he channeled

white-hot fire through his blade.


"Inferno slash!" He spun past Dagra

while slashing through a streak of white energy.


The slash tore through Dagra

with massive bursts of spark and flame that punctured his body. The villain

growled with pain and stumbled backward as secondary explosions blasted through

his chest.


The Archfiend didn't expect the level of power the

Rangers possessed, hardened after battles against the Gedoushuu

and Vorlock. The Samurai took advantage of that while

they could.


"Keep pressing forward!" Samurai Red shouted. "Hold him



"OK Teddy," Samurai Gold joked with a rhyme that made

the others grimace.


Samurai Gold, Samurai Blue, Samurai Green, Samurai

Yellow, and Samurai Pink used their morphers to write kanji symbols for various

forms of binding. They swiped their morphers through the symbols, which spun

and shot towards Dagra.


The kanji splashed the Archfiend's body and flared

with blinding, elemental light that held him in place.


Samurai Red ignited his sword with white-hot fire, lunged,

and stabbed the villain through the chest. Massive explosions tore through his

body as he staggered backward, bleeding ichor that sizzled against the ground.


Dagra collapsed to his knees, the impact shifting him back

to his humanoid form. Weakened, his grip on the Shadow Town slackened.


Samurai Red and the others noticed the darkness start

to dissipate, like a weakening storm.


They tried to open a communications channel but didn't

get a chance. Waves of light swept them up and carried them away.




Teddy and his teammates, Lauren, and Hunter landed on

a marble floor. Slowly, they pushed themselves to their feet and looked up to

see some familiar faces, and some unfamiliar.


Kou and Blake stood along with the rest of the

Hurricane team. Nick and the Mystic Ranger team joined them, as did the newest

team, Troy and the Seraphs.


Alpha waddled over to the new arrivals. "Hello,

Rangers," he said. "Welcome home."




Tommy and Alpha teleported Ashley directly to a bio

bed in the outer ring of the Command Chamber. Tommy stood over her as she

stirred awake, healed now that she was separated from the Shadow Town. 


"Hey, beautiful," Tommy said softly. "Time to wake



She groaned. "Tommy "


He nodded. "You're safe." He asked the question he feared

more than anything. "Tyler ?"


Ashley shook her head. "I don't I don't know.

Everything happened so fast."


Tommy cursed beneath his breath. "This is all my

fault. I never should have left you. I thought you'd be safer, but "


"Tommy " she brushed her hand across the side of his

face. "Don't worry about blame. Stay focused. Stay focused on finding our son."


Tommy smirked. "That's the first time you've called

him that. Our son "


She smiled, and they leaned

their foreheads together. "I know I'm not his birth mother. And I would never

try to replace Kimberly in his heart. But I love him like he was my own."


"We'll find him," Tommy whispered. "And after we do,

after we stop the Dark One, it's all over. The three of us will leave all this

behind, and start over."


"Are you sure you can do something like that?"


"Absolutely. Look at what's happened to us " He ran

his fingers through her hair. "I want to marry you. I want to start a family

with you. I never want to lose sight of what's important again."


"Figures it took the end of the world to get you to

come around."


"This isn't the end. Not until we make sure the Dark

One stays locked in his box. And that time's coming. Soon."




Tyler and his

teammates watched the events of the Time Shard unfold.


Kym knitted her

brow. "Tyler. Are those your parents?"


Tyler remembered

nothing of his life before the Shattering, except for fragments, and he didn't

like discussing those fragments. His past made him uncomfortable, and he

preferred to keep his feelings close to the vest.


But yes, he did

remember glimpses of Tommy. The teen nodded. "That's my father "


"He's talking

about you like you're a kid," Mat said. "Were you younger when all this



"Maybe," Tyler

said, anxious to change the subject. He looked out the nearest viewport, where

swirls of time and space shimmered as if moving through wind.


"Bird," he said to

the ship's navigation droid. "Do your fortune-telling thing. We need to keep



"I'm not a bird!"

the droid protested as usual. "I'm Navi!"


The droid flapped

its wings and hovered over its pedestal. "Tresa



Navi bumped

against the ceiling and floated back down to his perch. "Sam-u-rai "


Seth arced an

eyebrow. "That's it?"


"Great," Mat said.

"His clues have devolved into three-syllable words."


"Samurai," Lauren

said. He traced her hand across her sword, holstered at her waist. "He said



"How is that not

useless?" Mat asked.


"It means you're

not done with me and my sisters. My lands," Lauren said as she looked out the



"How?" Kira asked.

"We just used the Samurai Grand Power to unlock that Time Shard."


"I must return

home," Lauren said.


"But your home was

destroyed," Seth said. "When something unravels. It doesn't come back. It-"


His breath caught

in his throat.


Through the

viewport, he saw the world of the Amazons. 



be continued Chapter 17

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