Ultimate Legacy: Recap


Reality shattered, leaving shards of time and space. The Ultimate

Power Rangers journeyed through the fragments to unravel the secrets that led

to the destruction of the Wheel of Time. Using mysterious Ranger Keys, they hoped

to uncover the truth about their past, and restore their universe.


The Rangers' quest led them to a shattered piece of reality where

an army of Amazons, female descendants of angels, guarded the Gates of

Tartarus. Tyler recognized the leader of the Amazons as an alternate version of

Lauren Shiba, the former Red Samurai Ranger and Red

Hurricane Ranger.


The Armada attacked the Rangers and Amazons, destroying the Gates

to Tartarus.


Ultimate Legacy: Chapter Fifteen

The Flying Ghost Ship


The Gates of Tartarus

burst open with waves of unholy energy. The power surged across the Amazon's

island like a storm, unleashing massive destruction.


The rangers and

Amazons stabbed the ground and gripped their swords to keep their balance.


Mat cursed beneath

his breath. "Well, this is lovely!" he shouted over the roar of the storm.

"Great place for an island getaway!"



happening?!" Kym shouted.


"Your foes have

destroyed the Gates of Tartarus, the only thing protecting our home from the

wrath of the Remnants!" Lauren shouted.


"Remnants?!" Kira



"Shadows of evil

from the Land Before Now!"


The winds died

down, just as comets of energy battered the shores, revealing armies of cyclops

creatures and Hecatonchires, morbid monsters with

dozens of hands and heads.


Lauren pulled her

sword free and stepped into a battle stance. "Sisters! The time to attack is

now! Secure our lands, and drive these beasts back into Tartarus!"


Her sword ignited with

power, and she leapt at the monsters with the speed and force of a cannonball.

She smashed through several cyclops and slashed through Hecatonchires,

scattering their limbs.


Lauren's Amazons

joined her, shields bashing, swords swinging, spraying ichor across the entire



Tyler and the

rangers regrouped, watching as the Amazons battled the monsters.


Seth looked to his

leader. "Do we help them?"


Tyler shrugged.

"It's not like we have other plans." He armed his Power Saber. "Come on."


The rangers

charged to attack, slashing and bashing their way through the creatures that

covered the beach. Tyler twirled his way past a trio of cyclops creatures and

made his way closer to Lauren.


The ranger and

Amazon moved back-to-back, parrying and slashing every creature that moved in



"Hey," Tyler said.


Lauren sighed,

slashing upside a cyclops. "You're a strange boy."


"I get that a

lot." Tyler slashed through the arms of a multi-limbed creature.


Lauren spun and

swung her sword, hacking the head from a monster. "We need to move to the Gates

of Tartarus. If we don't repair the damage, and reseal the Gates, this evil

will spread and devour everything."


Tyler kicked a

cyclops upside the head. "Lead the way."


Lauren swung her

blade and moved farther inland, as Tyler followed. Several monstrosities tried

to stop them, but the teens struck fast, carving their way into the Amazon



"Not bad," Lauren

said with an upward slash. "It seems not all

men are totally useless."


"We have our moments."

Tyler jump-kicked a cyclops upside the head.


Eventually, the

two teens moved towards the shattered gates of Tartarus, torn to smoking piles

of scrap within the side of a mountain. 


Lauren knitted her

brows with concern. "We'll have to enter the pit. And re-seal it at the



She didn't wait

for a reply. She leapt through the entrance, and Tyler followed. They landed in

a massive cavern that led downward. The cavern ceiling extended so high, it

basically vanished into the shadows.


"How far down?"

Tyler asked.


"I do not know,"

Lauren said. "No one has ever ventured into the gates and returned."


Suddenly, the

entire cavern rumbled, and stones glowed with fiery energy. Ahead, a massive

giant, the size of a Megazord, pulled himself from the rocks and roared with an

outpouring of power.




"A God Remnant "

Lauren practically hissed.


Tyler arced an

eyebrow. "God Remnant?"


"The most powerful

echoes from the Land Before Now," Lauren said.


The villain

straightened, smoke billowing from its massive form.


"I am Cronus!" he

shouted. "The God of Time! I am released! And now "


He shuddered.

"What What is this place?!" His booming voice shook the island. "What happened

to my domain?!"


He reached his hand

towards Lauren and Tyler. His palm shimmered with distortions. "What have you ?!"


His body

shattered, scattering fiery ash throughout the tunnel. The God Remnant's energy

crackled and dissipated, casting the cavern back into darkness.


"Well that was

anti-climactic," Tyler said.


Lauren shook her

head. "I don't understand."


"He was the

Remnant of the God of Time," Tyler said. "But time is broken. Now, so is he."


"You speak in

riddles," Lauren said.


Tyler sighed. Few

people understood the nature of their existence after the Shattering. "It's

pretty straight forward. The Land Before Now Space-Time it

shattered. We're living in the mess that's left - until that disappears too."


Lauren narrowed

her eyes, annoyed. "Do you plan to help me reseal the gates, or not?"


"Of course," Tyler

said, giving up his explanation. "Lead the way."




They moved deeper

into the cavern, and stopped when they saw a massive distortion of time and

space. The thrashing sphere of power hovered in the center of the hollowed-out

cavern, churning with dark energy.


"There " Lauren

said. "The Heart of Tartarus."


Tyler tilted his

head. Through the time distortion, he saw brief glimpses of other worlds - hell

dimensions and underworlds.


"It's more than

just Tartarus," Tyler said.


The distortion

rippled, as if responding to the presence of the two rangers.


Suddenly, the

distortion burst open like a wormhole. A black ship burst through the portal

and floated through the cavern, tearing apart its ceiling and walls. The ship looked

ghostly, with bones and a skull for a masthead.




Tyler and Lauren

dove for cover as the cavern collapsed around them.



transform!" He morphed and grabbed a Ranger Key. "Lightspeed Rescue!"



He shifted into

Rescue Red, grabbed Lauren, and jumped. Fire and smoke exploded around them,

with tendrils of energy that thrashed like whips of lightning.


The Red Ranger

jumped across falling debris as he tried to make it back to the surface. Rescue

Red snapped a grappling rope that latched onto the opening of the cavern, and

then reeled himself and Lauren upward to safety.


They leapt clear

of the cavern just before it collapsed completely, with a final shockwave of

fiery distortion power.


Lauren coughed

through the smoke as she looked upward, to where the ghost ship entered the



"What sort of evil

is this ?"


"The only kind

there is," Rescue Red said. "The bad kind."


Suddenly, the

entire island rumbled. The land blurred in and out of focus, while blowing away

like dust in the wind.


"Tyler!" Kym

shouted as she and the others ran towards their leader. They zigged and zagged

while avoiding rippling waves of distortion, unraveling the entire landscape.


Lauren knitted her

brow. "My sisters ?"


"They're gone,"

Kira said. "Vanished "


Kym laid a hand on

Lauren's shoulder. "I'm so sorry."


"We can be sorry

later," Rescue Red said. He looked towards the Ghost Ship. "We need off this

island. And that's the only way."


"The big scary

ghost ship?" Mat asked.


The island shook

and nearly blasted apart, reminding the rangers they had little time. Seth,

Mat, Kira, and Kym flipped open their morphers.



Transform!" They morphed and armed their Rescue Task Force Keys. "Lightspeed



Lauren grabbed

hold of Tyler's arm. "I'm coming with you. That ship it destroyed my home. My



The island tore

apart with bursts of distortion energy, hurling the Rangers and Lauren into the

air. The Rangers snapped their grappling ropes, which latched onto the ship and

reeled them inside of the vessel.


Behind the ship,

the island rubble disintegrated into nothingness.




The Rangers and

Lauren collapsed to the deck of the ghost ship. The impact knocked them from

their armor with bursts of light.


Mat sighed as they

climbed to their feet. "We better get a Time Shard out of this." He looked to

Lauren. "You wouldn't happen to have a Grand Power on you, would you? Samurai?

Hurricane? We'll take either."


Kira elbowed his

ribs. "Not now, Mat."


The teens took a moment

to look around the interior of the ghost ship, and for the first time,

appreciated its size. The ship could hold a crew of Megazords. Its dark

corridors extended endlessly in every direction, supported by webs of steel



"What is this

place?" Seth asked.


"It came from

Tartarus," Lauren said. "That makes it evil."


A deep laughter

echoed from the shadows. "Tartarus? Tartarus is but a fragment of my power "


Girders folded and

expanded as the corridor widened, forming a massive chamber. The rear wall

opened to reveal a skull-shaped portal, and next to the portal stood a figure

covered head-to-toe in dark armor. His face looked like a jagged skull, with

ice-blue eye sockets.




The villain

carried a massive broadsword that ebbed with icy runes. He scoffed with

disgust. "I can smell the stench of Ranger energies on each of you."


"We'll be glad to

get out of your way," Tyler said.


The monster

laughed. "There is no escaping my ship. Do you know what this vessel is? It is

death. It carries the fragments of souls defeated by Ranger teams before the



Surprised, Tyler

arced an eyebrow. "You're smart enough to know what the Shattering is?"


"I know far more

than you, children," the villain said. "You see, before time, Hell began as a pocket

dimension for the planet Hades. But it grew into so much more. It transformed

into a hellscape forged by the consciousness and

beliefs of mortals across the cosmos. Hell took so many forms for so many



Tyler sighed,

uninterested. "Please stop talking."


"Not until you

fear me "


"Then we're going

to be here a while."


The monster

grumbled. "Do you know who I am? I rose from the splinters of Hell's various

forms, and I used the remnants of Hades to craft this ship. It's a vessel of

the damned from when space-time existed. And I am its captain. Given form by

the Shattered Damned: I am Los Dark."


"Los Los Dark?"

Mat asked. "Seriously, that's the name you're going with? 


"Enough mocking!" Los

Dark slapped the skull portal, which flared with dark light.


The portal's mouth

opened wide and ebbed with mist, creating a vortex that sucked the rangers

inside. The energy snagged Lauren, but she managed to brace herself in time by

grabbing onto a girder.


With a wail of

torment, the portal closed.


Los Dark lowered

his hand and laughed at the frightened Amazon. "Even after the end of all time

and space, the forces of death remain strong."




The rangers fell

into a hellish pocket dimension within the ship. Slowly, they climbed to their

feet and looked up to see a skull-shaped cloud, the portal that dropped them.


"Well That's far,"

Mat said.


The others ignored

him. Instead, they looked out upon the landscape, a twisted patchwork of

various Hell realms. Mountains of ice meshed with lakes of blood and rivers of

lava. The streams flowed through fields of dead grass, and wound through mazes

of black stone.


Kym crossed her

arms over her chest and shivered, despite the heat. "What is this place?"


"I'm thinking

'Hell' maybe?" Mat said.


"A fragment of

Hell," Seth said. "We're still in the ship."


Screams echoed

from the darkness and drew closer. The voices sounded angry, hungry for



Mist flowed across

the ground, swirled, and rose to form an army of grunts from the Rangers'

history: Anglers, Aurgettos, Batlings,

Cogs, Craterites, Dorodoro,

Golems, Grinders, Junk Droids, Karths, Kelzaks, Krows, Krybots, Kyonshi, Mecha-clones, Nanashi, Piranhatrons, Quantrons, Rinshi,

Rock Soldiers, Triptoids, Vivix,

Voids, Yattato, and others.


Mat tilted his

head. "What are the robot grunts doing here? They're robots "


Tyler flipped open

his morpher. "Best not to think about it too much."


The teens armed

their Ultimate Ranger Keys.


"It's morphin' time!" Tyler shouted. Together they called out:

"Ultimate Transform!"


They inserted

their Ranger Keys into their morphers, which called out: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"


They morphed into

their Ranger forms and charged to attack.


The Red Ranger

hopped through the front lines and attacked. He kicked and chopped his way

through grunts, ghosts from the legacy he inherited. His blade cut through

flesh with splatters of ichor, tore through armor and metal, and cut through

the bodies of demons with bursts of spark.


The other Rangers

split up and forced the grunts to scatter, smashing the soldier with kicks,

blasting them backward and slashing them to the ground.


The Ultimate Blue

Ranger slashed through the grunts of the Gorma, Orgs, Gedoushuu

and Vyram. He somersaulted across the ground, rolled

to his feet, and opened fire on Zompacs, Rinshi and Nanashi.


The Pink Ranger

slashed through Yattato, Craterites

and Triptoids. She twirled and slashed a Batling to the ground, chopped a Grinder off its feet, and

swung upward, slashing a Triptoid off its feet with

bursts of spark.


The Ultimate

Yellow Ranger armed her blaster and opened fire. Bullets tore through Karths, Vivix, and Piranhatrons with massive bursts of spark.


Nearby, the

Ultimate Green Ranger blasted past rock soldiers, golems, Batlings,

and Karths.


He somersaulted,

rolled into a crouched position, and opened fire on a group of Dorodoro and Kyonshi. The blasts

tore through their bodies, whipping them backward.


The Green Ranger

climbed to his feet and regrouped with his teammates. They watched as the

grunts shuffled backward, retreating.



already?" The Red Ranger said.


"No!" a Nanashi shouted. "We do not retreat! Let us show you our true power!"


"You should have done

that to start with," the Red Ranger said.


The Nanashi slapped his right fist against his left palm.

"Soldiers of evil, assemble!"


The grunts piled

on top of each other. Their bodies ebbed and rippled with power as they fused

into a singular monster: Gattai Sentoin.


Combined Combatant


The creature

lashed out with dozens of arms that thrashed like tentacles. The Rangers armed

their Power Sabers and parried the blows with bursts of spark. They spun and

swung their weapons, striking the arms before they could land a blow.


The Red Ranger

armed his Power Blaster and fired; bullets sparked against the monster, sending

him staggering backward.


The Green Ranger

and Yellow Ranger spun past the monster while swinging their swords, sparking

on impact. The Yellow Ranger fired her blaster at near-point-blank-range.

Bullets sparked on impact and knocked the monster off balance.


The Blue Ranger

and Pink Ranger charged with sword slashes and kicks, hurling the monster



The Red Ranger

stepped back and held his sword casually over his shoulder. "Even combined, a

grunt's a grunt."


He flipped open

his buckler and pulled out a Ranger Key, and the others did the same.


"Let's! Morph-in!"

They inserted their keys into their morphers: "DIIIIIIIGI RANGERS!"


They morphed into

the Digi Rangers: Kym became Digi Silver, Mat morphed into Digi Gold, Tyler

shifted into Digi Red, Seth transformed into Digi Blue, and Kira became Digi




The Rangers stood in

formation and armed their group cannon. The weapon whined with power.


"Digi Bazooka!"

the Rangers shouted. The weapon spoke the command: "IT'S TIME FOR: FINAL



"Ready, go!" The

Rangers triggered the weapon, which fired a twirling force of digital energy.


The blast

punctured through the monster, and he exploded into individual grunts that

ripped to pieces.


The shockwave

opened a tear in the pocket dimension. Shaped like a black skull, the tear

widened and formed a vortex that grabbed hold of the Rangers and pulled them

inside, hurling them into another pocket dimension.


The impact knocked

them back into their Ultimate Ranger forms.


Slowly, they

climbed to their feet and noticed a landscape torn in half - half the area

looked like a pristine city, and the other half looked like a city torn apart,

with fiery rubble, debris, and crimson skies.


Demons climbed

from the rubble, hissed with delight, and stalked towards the Rangers. They

looked monstrous, with various power sets, and they all belonged to the Saima -

villains of the Lightspeed Rangers before the Shattering.


The Green Ranger

sighed. "This is going to take a while."


They armed a set

of Ranger Keys. "Lightspeed! Rescue!" They inserted the Keys into their



They transformed

into the Rescue Task Force Lightspeed Rangers. Mat became Rescue Green, Kira

became Rescue Yellow, Tyler became Rescue Red, Kym became Rescue Pink, and Seth

morphed into Rescue Blue.




"V-Lancers!" the

Red Ranger shouted as they armed their bladed staffs.


They swung their

staffs into fighting positions and charged to attack.


Rescue Blue swung

his lancer through streaks of blue power, slashing through monsters with bursts

of spark.


Meanwhile, the Red

Ranger leapt at the lead monster. The Ranger swung his blade through a V-shaped

pattern, streaking with energy, slashing the monster with bursts of spark.


He side-kicked

another monster, turned, and swung upward, slashing a monster with bursts of



The monster

collapsed to its knees; secondary explosions tore through its body, ripping the

creature apart.


"Frail," Rescue

Red said as he swung his lancer into a defensive position.


The Rangers

regrouped. "Hit them at once," the Red Ranger said. "V-Lancers, Blaster Mode."


The Rangers

switched their lancers into rifles and aimed forward. "V-Lancers! Specter



They fired beams

of energy that combined into a V-shaped pulse. The pulse reverberated and

blasted through the monsters with massive bursts of spark and flame.


The shockwave

hurled the Rangers off their feet - and blasted them into another pocket

dimension within the ship. They crashed onto a street, and the impact knocked

them out of their armor. 


The teens climbed

to their feet. When they looked up, they saw Agent Aburera

walk towards them along with a group of Krybots.




The villains

walked across what looked like an ancient, abandoned city, paved with the souls

of the dead.


Tyler sighed.

"These guys are stubborn "


Aburera crossed his arms

over his chest. "We can keep this up for eternity. After all, we have more than

16-hundred souls of monsters defeated by Rangers."


"That's it?" Tyler

asked, unimpressed.


Aburera thrust his gauntlet

and opened fire. Bullets sparked around the teens as they dashed aside and dove

for cover.


They crouched

behind a pile of rubble. Tyler and Seth armed their Power Blasters and returned

fire. Bullets sparked through Krybots, but the grunts

continued their advance.


Seth cursed

beneath his breath. "This is bad."


Tyler glanced

towards the skull-shaped portal in the sky. "We have to get back to Los Dark."


Mat scoffed.

"Please don't use his name."



Kira asked, ignoring Mat.


Tyler smirked.

"Always. You think you can hold off these guys?"


Seth nodded. "What

do you have in mind?"


"If I can get

through that portal, then I can shut it down from the source. No more portal,

no more pocket dimensions."


"You make

everything sound so simple, don't you?" Mat asked.


"Sounds like a

plan," Seth said. "We'll cover you "


Seth, Mat, Kira

and Kym armed their morphers, moved from cover, and charged towards the




Transform!" They morphed into their armor and armed a set of Ranger Keys. "SPD!



They inserted

their Keys into their morphers: "DEEEEEECA RANGERS!"


Mat morphed into

DECA Green, Kira morphed into DECA Yellow, Kym transformed into DECA Pink, and

Seth morphed into DECA Blue.


New Bitmap Image (2)


The Rangers and grunts

crashed into each other. DECA Blue armed his D-Baton and slashed his way

through grunts, weapon sparking on impact.


He twisted a Krybot aside and kicked another grunt upside the head. "Go,



Tyler dashed from

cover. "Ultimate Transform!" He morphed and armed a Ranger Key. "Suit up!"


He inserted his

Key into his morpher: "AEEEEEERO RANGERS!"


Tyler morphed into

the Red Jet Force Ranger, snapped open his wings, and leapt into the air.


New Bitmap Image (2)


The Red Ranger

flew upward and passed through the dark, skull-shaped portal.




Los Dark looked

down upon Lauren, her hands bound. "Your Ranger friends are long dead by now.

And you will soon follow. But first, I wish to study you, and this angelic

power within your soul."


Lauren narrowed

her eyes. "I'm no angel."


She pounced with a

flying kick. But Los Dark grabbed her leg, swung her overhead, and slammed her

against the deck. The impact knocked her into unconsciousness.


Los Dark stalked

towards the fallen Amazon. "Perhaps I will finish you off sooner than planned."


He lifted his

blade to deliver a killing blow. But before he could, the skull portal flared

behind him.


Aero Red flashed

through the portal and slashed past Los Dark. The Ranger twisted through midair,

landed in a crouch, and shifted into a defensive posture to protect Lauren.


"That portal of

yours is annoying," the Red Jet Force Ranger said.


Los Dark grumbled.

"How did you escape my Hell fragments?"


The Red Ranger

shifted into his Ultimate Red Ranger form and held his Power Saber over his



"Do you want an

explanation, or do you want a fight?"


The villain

laughed, a low, rumbling sound that shook the cave. "You will regret your



Los Dark lunged,

swinging his sword like a massive axe. The Red Ranger moved back as he dodged

and parried, metal clanging against metal.


The Red Ranger

rolled across the floor to gain distance. But when he rose to his feet, he

immediately found himself on the defensive. The Ranger parried a flurry of

sword swings, then grabbed the monster's arm.


The Red Ranger

pushed the monster across the deck. They kept hold of each other, each trying

to gain the upper hand. 


Los Dark lifted

the Red Ranger off his feet. But before the monster could toss his opponent,

the Red Ranger flipped free while kicking Los Dark upside the head.


The Red Ranger

landed and lunged with a flurry of sword swings. Los Dark dodged and parried,

but the Red Ranger continued to press forward, staying on the offensive.


Los Dark countered

with a wide swing; the Red Ranger jumped over the weapon and kicked Los Dark,

using his foothold to flip backward.


The Red Ranger

landed, and Los Dark stepped into a defensive stance.


The monster

shifted his grip on his massive blade. "You're a fool if you think that you,

alone, can stop me."


"I may look

alone but my teammates and I are always

fighting together."


"Cheeky brat." Los

Dark armed his gun and fired.


Bullets sparked around

the Red Ranger as he dove and rolled for cover. He leapt onto the girders,

flipped back to the deck, and somersaulted towards a pile of crates, bullets

exploding around him.


The Red Ranger

armed his Power Blaster and fired, bullets sparking against the monster as he

side-stepped behind a column. They exchanged blasts, bullets tearing across the

interior of the ship.


The Ranger fired

another volley of rounds, distracting Los Dark, and then dashed towards the

skull portal.


"No!" Los Dark



The villain leapt

in front of the portal and slashed the Ranger off his feet with a massive burst

of spark. The Red Ranger crashed onto the deck, rolled into a crouched stance,

and opened fire.


Los Dark lifted

the flat of his blade, blocking the bullets.


The villain lunged

and slashed.


The Red Ranger

dodged and leapt over the monster. They slashed and clashed blades, leaning

against one another. 


The Red Ranger

bashed his forehead against Los Dark's face, sending the monster staggering



The Red Ranger

pressed forward with sword swings and round-kicks. Los Dark blocked and leapt

onto the girders. The Red Ranger followed, and the opponents clashed swords

with bursts of spark.


Los Dark bashed

the Red Ranger off his feet. But the Ranger opened fire while hurling through

the air. His bullets blasted Los Dark with bursts of spark.


The Red Ranger

landed, crouched, and leapt at Los Dark with a flying side-kick. Los Dark

blocked the kick and slashed the Ranger to the deck.




Nearby, Lauren stirred

awake. Her vision blurred into focus, and she saw the Red Ranger battle Los

Dark. She recognized him as she hadn't before: Tyler. Tommy's son. But wasn't

he dead?


The thought choked

her with grief.


Lauren rolled her

hands into fists and snapped off her bindings. She summoned her kata with a

burst of Holy light.


"Tyler, with me.

You can't fight him like that and win," she said.


"I'm open to

suggestions." The Red Ranger ducked beneath a sword swing.


"Power down your



He kicked Los Dark.

"I'm open to better suggestions."


"Trust me," Lauren

said. "With my Holy power, and your flames of creation, we can stop him."


"My flames of -



"You hold the

power of creation itself. Phoenix Fire runs through your veins."


The Red Ranger

stepped back and powered down his armor. "You're not making much sense."


"Nothing makes

sense anymore. Nothing "


Lauren twirled her

sword. She flooded the weapon with holy energy from the One Power, and the

blade glowed with a golden hue.


Tyler armed his Power

Saber. He ignited his chi and tried to channel the energy into his weapon. But

nothing happened.


Lauren grabbed his

arm. "Typical male."


She grabbed hold

of his power, the white-hot flames of the Phoenix Force that once possessed his

mother, Kimberly Hart, before the Shattering of time and space. Lauren felt

that energy burn through her veins as she channeled it into her blade, mixing

with her holy energy.


"Divine Phoenix!"


Lauren swung her

sword through a streak of power, igniting a wave of golden energy that splashed

through Los Dark with massive bursts of spark and light.


The creature

howled with pain and collapsed to his knees. Shadow hissed from his wounds,

which ripped across his body.


Behind the

villain, the skull portal exploded, shooting the Power Rangers back into the

chamber. Still in their DECA forms, they crashed and skid across the deck.


DECA Green groaned

as he pushed himself to his feet. "Is it over? Tell me it's over."


They powered down

their armor with flashes of light.


Injured, Los Dark

gagged shadowy blood as he climbed to his feet.


"Shouldn't have

powered down yet," Tyler said to his teammates as he armed his morpher.


"It's morphin' time!" he shouted. Together they called out:

"Ultimate Transform!"


They inserted

their Ranger Keys into their morphers, which called out: "POOOOOWER RANGERS!"


They morphed into

their Ranger forms and snapped into their fighting poses.


"Ultimate Red



"Ultimate Blue



"Ultimate Green



"Ultimate Yellow



"Ultimate Pink



"Ultimate Task

Force!" the Red Ranger shouted. Together they called out: "Power Rangers!"


The Red Ranger

flipped open his buckler and pulled out his Ultimate Red Ranger Key and his

Tyranno Ranger Key. He slid the keys into his blaster and saber.


"Let's make this



The other Rangers

slid their keys into their blasters and sabers. The weapons pulsed with energy:



They triggered

bullets of energy and swung their swords, firing blades of power. The blades

splashed against the bullets, forming energy waves shaped like the original

Power Rangers: Tyranno Ranger Red, Mammoth Ranger Black, Tricera Ranger Blue,

Tiger Ranger Yellow, and Ptera Ranger Pink.


The blasts tore

through Los Dark, and he exploded into shadow.


But the shadow

seeped into the deck and walls, ebbing within the ship.


"Not yet " the

villain's voice echoed through the interior of the vessel. "Not yet!"


The ship shook,

nearly knocking the Rangers off their feet. The deck and bulkheads cracked,

splitting the lower decks open to the outside, within with the shattered space

of the former universe.


A massive robo

rose from the shadows of the deck. The robo looked nearly identical to the

Ultimate Megazord, only black, with a dark eye-patch and black cape. Los Dark

laughed from within the Dark Megazord.


The Green Ranger

sighed. "Cute," he said sarcastically. "Really cute."


Suddenly, blasts exploded

against the Dark Megazord with bursts of spark. The Rangers looked to see their

vessel, the Legacy Galleon, fly

through the maelstrom.


"Our ship!" the

Pink Ranger shouted with excited.


"Rangers!" Navi

called through their commlines. "I found you!"


"Good work, bird,"

the Red Ranger said.


"I'm not a bird,"

the droid protested. "I'm Navi!"


The Red Ranger

flipped open his morpher and pressed a series of command codes: "LEEEEEGACY



The Legacy Galleon

flew closer to the ghost ship and lowered grappling lines. The Rangers grabbed

the lines, which reeled them into the ship.


They gathered in

their cockpit. "Ultimate fusion!"



FUSION!" The ship split into five different zords, which twirled through space

and combined into a massive robo.



Megazord!" the Rangers shouted.


The Ultimate

Megazord armed its sabers and landed on the ghost ship's mast. The robo looked

down upon its dark counterpart.



pirate-look," the Green Ranger said. "Talk about copyright infringement…"


The Dark Megazord

grabbed onto a chain and severed its latch. The chain zipped upward, carrying

the Dark Megazord, which flipped and landed on the mast.


The Dark Megazord

lunged, and the Ultimate Megazord countered. The robos clashed blades with

bursts of spark. The Dark Megazord used its hook to parry, and swung its saber

to slash.


Each blow forced

the Ultimate Megazord further backward. The Megazord spun around the blades for

cover; but the dark Megazord slashed the robo off its feet.


The Ultimate

Megazord fell and grasped the mast to keep from plummeting. But the Dark

Megazord slashed downward, knocking the Megazord loose, sending the robo

plummeting towards the deck.


The Megazord

slashed through the sail to control its decent, and then flipped through the

air, jumping from mast to mast.


The Dark Megazord

hooked onto a chain and slid downward; both robos landed on the deck.


The Rangers spun

their control wheels, commanding their Megazord to charge. The Dark Megazord

returned the charge, dashing and hopping across the deck.


The evil robo

jumped and landed with a sword chop with the Ultimate Megazord blocked. The two

robos pulled backward and slashed, swords clanging and sparking on impact.


The Dark Megazord

fired an eye beam that blasted the Ultimate Megazord off its feet. The Megazord

twirled out of control, but managed to grab hold of a chain.


The Megazord swung

on the chain, and the Dark Megazord opened fire on the robo. Cannonballs

exploded across the ship with massive bursts of spark and flame.


The Ultimate

Megazord flipped from the chain, grabbed hold of another chain, and swung

towards the other side of the ship.


Dark Megazord kept

blasting, its cannon bursts tearing through the hull of the ghost ship. The

ship screeched as it tilted, secondary explosions tearing through its hull.


Los Dark growled

with anger. The Dark Megazord opened its chest port, which revealed a chain

cannon of torpedoes.


"Your power is

nothing!" Los Dark shouted. "I am infinite! I am-"


"Ranger Keys,

set!" the Red Ranger shouted as he and his teammates inserted different keys

into their control wheel, unlocking several Grand Powers.


"Mystic Dragon!"


"Patrol Striker!"


"Gao Lion!"


"Red Tiger!"


The four zords burst

from the Ultimate Megazord and shot towards the Dark Megazord.


The Dark Megazord

opened fire with torpedoes that ebbed with violet energy. The zords of the

Grand Powers swerved around the blasts and struck; they blasted, bashed and

clawed the Dark Megazord with massive bursts of spark. The evil robo leaked

shadow like blood as its armor tore into pieces.


"Rest in peace,"

the Red Ranger said as he leaned against the control wheel.


The Grand Power

zords ebbed with light and shot through the Dark Megazord, puncturing the robo

with massive bursts of spark and flame.



explosions ripped through the ghost ship, which exploded with the force of a



The Ultimate

Megazord, in Mystic Dragon mode, flew through the blast and into the shattered

remnants of space.




The Legacy Galleon sailed through the

fragments of time and space. Lauren, having escaped to the galleon before the

destruction of the ghost ship, stood at a view port and looked outside, her

face grim.


Seth walked towards

her. "Lauren we're heading back towards the location of your island. But you

should know-"


She shook her

head. "I don't care if you say it's gone. I need to see it for myself."


Seth nodded, not

wanting to press the issue. "Fair enough "


He started to walk

away, but Lauren stopped him. "Seth I remember. Before the Shattering "


"What about it?"

he asked.


She shook her

head. "I'm not sure how to explain it. Or if it was really me. Or some other

me "


"What do you

mean?" Seth asked.


"We both have the

power of angels in our bloodlines. A connection," she said.


Seth smirked. "Are

you about to tell me you're my sister?"


"No, of course

not," she said. "But the power you have and the power Tyler has is important."


"Tyler?" Seth



"You have to

protect him," Lauren said. "You can't let him die "


Suddenly, a light

flashed within Seth's jacket. He pulled out his Samurai Blue Key, which pulsed

with energy.


The other teens

joined him in the crew hold. They had their Samurai Keys, which also flashed

with energy. 


"The Samurai

Rangers' Grand Power " Seth said.


A Time Shard

appeared in the center of the room.


Tyler smirked and

stepped towards it. "Well, we have some time to kill Let's unlock the show.

Anyone remember where we left off?"



be continued Chapter 16


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